How do you benefit from the Finnish and bio sauna?

Everyone likes a different kind of sauna and we thought about it...

Combined Finnish and bio sauna

The combined sauna is the perfect combination of the advantages of a Finnish sauna and a bio sauna. When booking a date, you must choose whether you decide to use the Finnish sauna or biosauna. 

We will make it easier for you to decide, read the differences and uses.

The difference between Finnish and organic sauna

Finnish sauna – set to 95°, dry

Bio sauna – set to 60°– 65°, combination of Finnish and steam sauna, damp

Finnish sauna

Sauna in the Finnish sauna provides relaxation of tired muscles and thanks to the release of impurities and endorphins from the body provides relief and rest. The Finnish sauna can stimulate immunity and at the same time has a relaxing effect on us, similar to yoga. Another favorable phenomenon is that when sweating, a lot of harmful substances leave the body. And if we pour water on hot stones there, we inhale steam, which moisturizes the airways and helps their natural purification.

In the Finnish sauna, the temperature is maintained from 80° to 110°C. We set our Finnish sauna to 90°-95°. On the sauna heater there are lava stones that can be poured to increase the humidity and temperature in the sauna. The stones can be poured with water with different essences to make the sauna an even more intense experience, which moisturizes the airways and helps their natural purification.

Proper sauna consists in a sharp warming up and subsequent cooling of the body. 

Doctors think that the ideal is to stay in the sauna for ten to fifteen minutes. But it depends on the specific person. As soon as you find it uncomfortable, leave. The cooling phase in a pool with cold water or under the shower should be gradual. Under the shower, many people turn on warm or lukewarm water and slowly add the cool one. It is also pointless to jump into the cooling pool.

In the sauna, delicate vessels, capillaries stretch. And when cooling, they withdraw sharply. Logically, blood pressure will skyrocket. Therefore, we should soften the effect of cooling a little, so that the fluctuation in blood pressure is not so dramatic.

Bio sauna

The bio sauna is the golden middle way between the Finnish and steam saunas. It provides a gentle solution for those for whom the classic Finnish sauna is too hot. The temperature inside the bio sauna varies between 40° to 70°C and the humidity is 50-80% thanks to the integrated steam generator.

Thus, it is suitable for people who poorly tolerate high temperatures in dry saunas, or high humidity in steam chambers. It is a suitable alternative for complete beginners in sauna.